Work with Jenni

You have no shortage of ideas, love to think big picture and have more opportunities than you know how to handle.
You’re an expert.
You believe you can help people by telling your story.

In fact, you know it’s your duty and responsibility

Do you just need a push to take the leap you know you should?

Are you looking for a full strategic approach to reimagining your business?

Ignite Development Jenni Has Solutions

Jenni has crafted solutions to accelerate your path to building your expert business.

Whether you’re:

  • Starting with ideas in a notebook (or on the back of a napkin), or are new to the expert industry and have no idea where to begin
  • Driven by the unshakeable feeling that you have a story to share and just need a push to get started
  • Are looking for a new angle for your personal brand, your content or your expert positioning
  • Tired of the hamster wheel of 1:1 coaching or services that trade your time for dollars
  • On a mission to change the world and know your expertise can help people

Jenni’s got you covered.

You can choose from three paths to work with Jenni one-on-one:

Expert Start-up

Collaborative 1:1 working sessions to identify your niche, find your audience and create the materials you need to get your expert career off the ground.

This is right for you if you are:

  • Ready to launch your own expert business
  • Want to get paid for speaking or writing about what you’re most passionate about
  • Motivated to get your message out to the masses
  • Craving structure so you don’t lose your focus or energy
  • Likely to be attracted to shiny objects and need accountability to prioritize the right things

Strategy Sprints

A 4-month sprint to build new strategies and revenue streams to increase the results you’re getting in your business.

This is right for you if you are:

  • Reimagining your money-making models
  • Looking for guidance and focus to expand your impact and influence
  • Hungry for accountability to turn your ideas into dollars

Expert Acceleration

For a limited number of experts, Jenni offers the full scope of her services: Project manager, implementer, chief of staff, booking agent and idea strategist.  Engagements are a minimum of six months and include:

  • Keynote speaking contract negotiation and management
  • Strategic and operational support to launch new training programs
  • Focused 90-day implementation plans to keep your goals on track
  • Access to the Ignite Development team of independent contractors (graphic design, web design, video production, photography, instructional design, promotional products, seminar venue sourcing)

This is right for you if you:

  • Spend endless hours negotiating contracts and managing your in-bound leads
  • Feel alone, isolated or stuck in your own business
  • Are looking for a strategic thinking partner in your business
  • Have thought to yourself “isn’t there a better way?”