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mel abraham

I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with Jenni for almost a decade in varying capacities. She’s a unique blend of strategic thinker, tactical implementer and insightful advisor. She has the ability to guide you through your visionary and strategic thinking while at the same time structuring an implementation and execution plan that tactically brings your ideas to life. She understands the key elements of content development, branding and event management to help you create a turn-key operation. Over the years I’ve worked with her, she has done every one of those for me, and with me, with excellence every time.”

Mel Abraham, #1 Bestselling Author and Entrepreneurship Expert

Working with Jenni is hands down the best decision that I ever made in my entrepreneurial career. That is not an overstatement. She has the ability to take my storm of chaos and ideas, directions, visions and opportunities and bring clarity and focus in a way I have never experienced. My notebook of ideas and scattered rabbit trails is now a business plan with goals and milestones, frameworks and tangible products.”

Jason Barnaby, Chief Fire Starter, Fire Starters Inc.
jason barnaby
camper bull

Jenni Robbins is the holy grail of implementers.”

Camper Bull, Multimillion Dollar Product and Marketing Strategist

I had heard many people rave about Jenni Robbins before she and I had a chance to meet. Over the course of a year we chatted about what working together might look like. Yes, a year. She remained patient and transparent with me in every conversation. I finally pulled the proverbial trigger for a half-day session. If I’m being honest, I was a little skeptical. I wondered how we would accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. Within 4 hours I had complete clarity. We identified what I was selling, who my audience would be, how I’d go to market, etc. Here’s the thing about Jenni, she knows how to get everything in your head out on paper in sequential order. Her confidence breeds confidence in you, and she has this way of helping you see where you’re overcomplicating questions with the easiest of answers. A few weeks later I had sold my first engagement tripling the initial investment. If you have an expertise you want to share, make Jenni your first call and investment.”

Amy Woodall, Keynote Speaker, Sales and Leadership Coach
amy woodall
vicki st george

As an event producer and manager, Jenni Robbins demonstrates the talent, skill, and intelligence to pull together all of the elements of an event and to juggle the needs of celebrity speakers, volunteers, and attendees. She starts with an in-depth understanding of content for each program she works on, and then adds to that a deep appreciation of the practical concerns of logistics, location, budgets, schedule, etc. She is particularly good at working with celebrity speakers and giving them what they need to be able to do their best. And she truly shines in working with volunteers, inspiring them to work together as high-functioning, motivated teams. I’ve worked in the seminar world and the personal development space for more than 25 years as a speaker, trainer, and volunteer, and I can truly say that Jenni Robbins is one of the best I’ve seen at producing world-class events. Any speaker or event is lucky to have her heading up their team!”

Vicki St. George, Speaker, Senior Trainer, Seminar Leader

Jenni Robbins is the best kept secret in America. Jenni’s support and guidance have led me to transition from aspiring entrepreneur with a big idea to business leader with a plan for execution. Through the years, Jenni has helped me clarify my message, build replicable tools of every shape and size, and engage the audience I need to make sure my message is received. And somehow she’s done so in the direct, humorous and loving way that only Jenni can. Jenni has been instrumental in allowing me to flourish as a business leader, become a confident speaker, and helping me do so in a way that is alignment with my goals as a wife and mother.”

Dora Lutz, Founder, GivingSpring
dora lutz
bill caskey 1

Jenni has a sixth sense about marketing and branding. She is outstanding at both strategy and project management, both of which are glaringly missing in today’s marketing world. She also has a unique way of being inclusive in the brainstorming process so that all parties in the room feel engaged about the mission. I would highly recommend Jenni’s services to any organization hoping to grow their business in a unique way.”

Bill Caskey, Co-Host, The Advanced Selling Podcast

In my business, I’m surrounded by people who tell me I’m doing great work and I knew I could still continue to improve. I needed someone to show me what I was doing well and where I could be better. Jenni gave me in-depth feedback and taught me ways to take something good and make it even better. She sees the little things— the simple improvements that shifted my presentation Immediately. She speaks from her heart and has so much experience and delivers excellence in everything she’s done for me. She made shifts in my room layout to improve the energy. She showed me ways to make my stories, metaphors and analogies more impactful. She helped me improve the way I used PPT slides to teach my audience. She made suggestions regarding my training materials, seminar flow, pre-seminar enrollment and how to make the beginning of my seminar even more powerful for my attendees. I’ve done more than 700 seminars in my career. When you’ve done that many, you think you have everything dialed in. Jenni came in, helped me see what I could shift and gave me impactful feedback I could use right away. My seminars are so much stronger because of Jenni’s feedback.”

Damian Boudreaux, Author, Speaker and Founder of the Auto Training Academy
damian bourdreaux
lindsay boccardo 1

I’ve been more productive in the past month than I’ve been in the last six! Jenni has an incredible talent for being warm, supportive and kicking your ass. If you’re ready to scale your business and need structure, guidance, and maybe a confidence boost, she’s your woman.”

Lindsay Boccardo, Keynote Speaker and Generational Expert

Since we started working with Jenni, she has transformed our business. Our message is clearer and more powerful. Our business is simpler. Our strategy is stronger. Our revenue has increased dramatically. Now we have an unprecedented capacity to scale— which means running our company is a lot more fun! She has the vision of a CEO complemented by a strong ability to execute the small stuff.”

Matthew Moheban, Co-Founder, 220 Leadership
matthew moheban
stefanie krievins

Jenni knows how to get your work out there! I came to Jenni with 470 great to mediocre ideas (well, probably 7 great ideas; who am I kidding?) and she helped me boil them down to their essences, create strategies and an action plan, and then get my ideas out into the world. Specifically I was at a point in my business where I just didn’t know which way to go. With simplicity and clarity, Jenni made it possible for me to move forward and get out of that entrepreneurial spin that is easy to fall into and difficult to get out of.”

Stefanie Krievins, Founder, Pro Troublemaker Nation

My work with Jenni transformed my business. She has three “superpowers” that other businesses strategists and coaches only dream of having. She’s able to: Speak directly to your needs as an expert in your industry. Provide solutions that produce results for you immediately. Identify and guide your next steps to success. All while simultaneously providing the motivation you need to keep going and tough love feedback necessary to get you moving to the right place in your business.”

Alexandra Ruffato-Perry, Owner, Practically Speaking
alex perry
jim bishop

I’m so on fire. I cleaned out my locker at my office and brought home all my personal effects. I’m going full speed into this as fast and as hard as I can to see where it will go. THANKS for helping bring this side out of me! Me, my wife and my family are all VERY thankful!”

Jim Bishop, Owner

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