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Consulting & Implementation Services

Sometimes you need a strategic thinker to point you in the right direction.

You have no shortage of ideas, love to think big picture and have more opportunities than you know how to handle. You’re an expert. You believe you can help people by telling your story.

In fact, you know it’s your duty and responsibility to teach others what you know.

Do you just need a push to take the leap you know you should?

Are you looking for a full strategic approach to reimagining your business?

Three ways to work with Jenni:

Strategy Core: A 1:1 deep-dive to build a strategy to grow your business.
Expert Start-Up: Collaborative 1:1 working sessions to create the materials you need to get your speaking career off the ground.
Strategic Team Sprints: A group of like-minded experts who meet monthly and hold each other accountable. Meeting topics may include: in’s and out’s of speaking engagements, how to set (or raise) your fees, expert bios, using stories to sell, book publishing 101.

Jenni’s content is always based on real scenarios, actual examples and tried and true best practices from the expert industry.

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“Jenni gave me in-depth feedback and taught me ways to take something good and make it even better. She sees the little things— the simple improvements that shifted my presentation Immediately.”

This is for you if:

You are building (or reimagining) your online expert presence

You have a tendency to be attracted to shiny objects and need accountability to get part of your business off the ground

You have a live event, seminar or training program launching in the next 12 months and you feel overwhelmed about how to pull it off

You know you have the basics down but aren’t getting the momentum you should be in your business

You’re still talking with your clients about your hourly rate and wish you knew how to increase your fees

You are looking for someone who understands where you are and can guide you through the next steps to increasing your impact with your message

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Jenni abides by the “No BS Rule”: She will tell it like she sees it

(and leave the sugar-coating for your friends and family)

Ready to Design Your Personalized Program and Grow Your Business?


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