Greg Ballard

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marines (retired).
Veteran of the Persian Gulf War.
Two-term Mayor of Indianapolis.
Visiting Fellow at the University of Indianapolis.
Keynote speaker and advocate for Post Oil Technology.

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After a twenty-three year career in the Marine Corps and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Greg Ballard returned home to Indianapolis in 2001. In 2007, he became the 48th Mayor of Indianapolis, subsequently serving two terms. While Mayor, he became a Trustee for the US Conference of Mayors and was known for his boldness and innovation by his fellow mayors. He is a graduate of Indiana University, holds a Masters in Military Science, and has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from both Butler University and Marian University. A Persian Gulf War veteran, he continues to be active in veteran causes. His current work focuses on educating Americans around the country about Post-Oil Technology and its impact on our national security. A frequent keynote speaker and guest lecturer, Mayor Ballard is also a Visiting Fellow for Civic Leadership and Mayoral Archives at the University of Indianapolis.

Mayor Ballard's most requested topics:

Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away from Oil
The Long Term Outlook: Why Cities Need to Shift to a Post-Oil Technology Mindset
Post-Oil Technology: What You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Our Need for Oil

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